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The Best 8 Passenger Minivan and SUV Choices for Big Families

Big families don't need to worry about limited seats in the car, thanks for 8 passenger minivans and SUVs. Here are the 7 best ones in the space.

If you have a big family, then you need a big way that you can transport everybody from place to place.  While you may not always be taking trips together, but you won’t want to rule out that possibility, and it can be a major hassle trying to herd everybody into two vehicles.  So why not just try and find the right type of 8 passenger minivan or SUV right?  There are tons of options out there actually, so you should be spoilt for choices when it comes time to pick out the right type of car as well.

What you’re going to find when it comes time to go looking at different types of 8 passenger minivans is that you have to think about safety, as well as how much room they have.  You want to be driving a van that you know can safely get everybody from point A to point B, especially when it’s your family that’s at stake.  Here are some of the best models on the market today, that you’re going to want to focus on when you’re after the perfect family car:

1) 2011 Honda Odyssey

By far the top model that you want to go with if you’re looking for the perfect all around family vehicle, you’re going to find that the Honda Odyssey should surpass anybody’s expectations of what 8 passenger minivans can truly be.  You’ll find that they can seat 8, have a powerful yet fuel economy designed 3.5 litre engine, and you’ll also find that they have a DVD player installed as well, so that you can keep the kids entertained while you’re taking a particularly long trip.

2) Toyota Sienna

Another of your top choices when you’re after any type of 8 passenger vehicle.  You can choose between either a v6 or a four cylinder depending upon your engine preference, and you’ll also find that this is the minivan that received top safety pick of all the models in it’s class.  Os if you’re looking to keep your family safe, and you want the type of van that’s going to be able to deliver on those expectations, you just cannot find better.

3) Dodge Grand Caravan

Depending upon the exact model that you choose there’s 140 to 145 cubic feet inside this beast, and that’s plenty of room to transport an entire family and then some with total ease.  But you can also keep the kids entertained with dual screens in the forward seats, to entertain everyone in the back while you drive.  You’ll also find that they are one of the most affordable types of cars in this class, as they have a starting price of around $21,000. That makes them an 8 passenger minivan that any family can afford.

4) Chrysler Town and Country

Boasting a powerful V6 engine as well as an optional attachment so that you can also benefit from more environmentally conscious ethanol fuels as well.  You’ll also find that these are minivans that are built with children in mind with numerous features such as built in child safety seats and the like, so that you can ensure this is made for your family and will adjust to growth.

5) 2011 Chevy Express

You know this is a massive van that’s going to be big enough for the whole family because they are actually made in the style of commercial vans. That means they can transport 8 adults without a problem, let alone your children. That gives everyone plenty of room, and ensures a more comfortable journey at the same time.

6) Ford Expedition

If you’re looking for a great traveling vehicle you can’t beat an SUV like this.  In just about any 8 passenger SUV comparison the Ford Expedition is going to come out on top as one of the best quality cars for the price point.  While they can be a bit costly, you’ll find that they have a plethora of safety features, as well as overall power that you can really count on to get you through almost anything.

7) Saturn Outlook

While the Saturn brand really no longer exists and is slowly being phased out of existence, you’re going to find that they are really still quality cars.  Plus the Outlook is one of the better SUVs you can buy for having plenty of room for the whole family, but also being perfectly ideal for fuel economy standards as well.  That equates to an SUV that won’t hurt your wallet as bad as you might be afraid of when you’re driving around.


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